Torana Nationals 2020 Update

Torana Nationals subsequent cancellation:

We regret to inform that the event planned to be held over the Torana Nationals weekend (13-15 Nov) will unfortunately not be going ahead. We deeply apologise for any inconvenience this may cause anyone; however, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the amount of organisation and ambiguity over the ability hold an event complying with the COVID-safe regulations, and the unknown potential numbers, we have had to cancel the planned event entirely. We very much look forward to the future and hope to be able to host Torana Nationals next time around, when public events like this are once again part of normal everyday life. As a club, we welcome any potential opportunities for those who may wish to organise a small social informal event, which can comply with the current restrictions and allow us all to enjoy our Toranas.

Again, we apologise for any negative impact this may cause, and look forward to seeing you all under much better circumstances. We would like to thank all the potential sponsors who pledged to be a part of Torana Nationals 2020, with a special mention to John from House of Muscle as well as the Alpha Hotel and Vikings Erindale for their ongoing support to our club and Torana Nationals throughout the pandemic.


Canberra Torana Club

Alpha Hotel Canberra